Dr. Shannon Klotsko

 Postdoctoral Fellow, Adjunct Faculty

 Department of Geological Sciences


 Ph.D., Earth Sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

 M.S., Earth Sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

 B.S., Marine Science, Coastal Carolina University


Currently a recipient of the Delta Fellowship, funded by the     Delta Stewardship Council to study the Sacramento-San  Joaquin Delta. I am working on mapping the faults that run through the Delta to determine their locations, geometry, and rupture history.


I am also working on mapping paleoenvironments offshore from southern Oregon to determine the likelihood of drowned archaeological resources.


Other Research Interests:

I study a variety of environments, but I have mainly focused on continental margin evolution since the Last Glacial Maximum. I utilize seismic reflection data, sonars, and sediment cores to examine how sea level fluctuations, climate variability, and tectonics influence sediment distribution and margin morphology.


Courses currently taught:

GEOL305: Water & The Environment

GEOL336: Sedimentology & Lithostratigraphy


Office: GMCS 228D

Email: sklotsko@sdsu.edu